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Our Features

Responsive Site

Due to the HTML5 responsiveness of our parent site, parents can log in and access the platform using a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Profile Information

Organize information and add as many profile fields as required. The filter for forms, announcements, and emails now includes all newly added fields, making them all searchable.

Credit Card & ACH Processing

Simple processing of ACH (eCheck) and credit card purchases. You can enable or disable the ability to take various credit card types. With every payment

HIPAA Compliancy

We adhere to HIPAA regulations in full. Both in transit and when at rest, data is encrypted.

Toggable Modules

Want to host photos? Have a calendar? Have a YouTube account? Is your camp free? Want an FAQ module? A 'Contact Us' module? Attendance module? we have got you covered

Medication Tracking

By logging into the parent portal and following the instructions, parents can manage their kids' medication.

Photo Hosting

We can be your photo hosting provider as well. Simply turn on the Photo Module and you're all set. Upload as many photos as you want and add captions and tags so parents can easily find their children.

Customizable Reporting

Make reports using whatever criteria you have listed in your profile section. Immediately after choosing a filter option, you can see how many results will be displayed. Reports can be exported to HTML, PDF, XLS and Avery Labels.


Our servers use the latest security and patches to keep your information safe.


Create announcements for parents to read via the Parent Portal or email. Grant announcement access to groups of parents based on a filter you create

Track Attendance Online

Track the arrival and departure of children and whether they are absent with ease. Quickly view who is allowed to pick up a child at dismissal.

SMS Messaging

Prompt communication with parents if there is a pressing matter to discuss.

Staff Management

Make forms that are only accessible to employees. For registration, employees and parents should use the same portal. There is no cost associated with having an infinite employees

Online Registration

You can create and Customize online registration forms for both campers and staff.

Custom Site Text

To make things as simple as possible for their particular clientele, many camps desire to alter the precise phrasing of several items on the parent website. Via CampiumDB, we give each camp the ability to edit the text of numerous items on the parent website.

Forms (Including Medical)

For both campers and employees, you can have a single registration form or several. You can add as many questions as you wish to the forms. Parents can upload medical forms that they have received from their child's healthcare practitioner.


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